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About Us

Comprehensive Examination

After studying your dental health history, our dentist will examine your gums, teeth, and mouth. This procedure is known as a comprehensive exam and is performed to study the state of your dental health and hygiene. An important part of the comprehensive exam is the cleaning.

Our dentist will generally look for any sensitivity, decay, and redness around the gums and teeth during the examination, and explain the procedure to you, accordingly. Even though our dentist will have already studied your medical and dental history from the forms you filled, you may still be asked questions about your teeth while examining them. This is common if our dentist sees anything unusual or something which was not mentioned in the forms.

Post Examination Discussion

After the dental checkup, our dentist will discuss your results with you. Our dentist would guide you through any of the irregularities or decay that were found in your mouth. They may also mention the various treatment options that are offered at our clinic.

After, you will receive the total cost of the particular procedure and can discuss a payment plan, if needed.

Follow-Up Appointment

As soon as your meeting has been conducted with our dentist at Machesney Park Family Dental in Machesney Park, Illinois, we will schedule a follow-up session at your convenience.

It is highly recommended for you to attend these follow-up visits at least twice a year to help prevent any cavities, tooth decay or oral health issues from developing. During these routine check-ups, the teeth are regularly cleaned and treated to make sure that they remain in optimal condition.